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Development Associate


Project Vesta, PBC operates through a hybrid funding structure, which is particularly relevant for this role. Part of the funding for our scientific research is from the Coastal Carbon Capture Impact Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Project Vesta relies on generous donations from philanthropic supporters, foundations, and grants to continue to apply charitable dollars to our foundational research. With $6.5M raised in philanthropic funding to date, we’re now focused on raising $7.6M in philanthropic donations to fill our funding gap for 2022. 

Within our for-profit Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) structure, Project Vesta is developing a commercial model for Coastal Carbon Capture through the sale of carbon removal credits and the expansion of our corporate, NGO, and policy partnerships. We’re an early-stage startup with an exceptional culture, dedicated to making a difference in addressing the climate crisis on a planetary scale.


The ideal candidate: 

- Is organized and self-motivated, comfortable working in a less-structured startup environment

- Is excited to be a part of a fast-paced, dynamic team 

- Has deep curiosity and a love of learning about new applications of science how they translate into business opportunities for climate tech


In order to accomplish our goals, you’ll work directly with the Director of Business Development, a Cofounder and member of the Executive Team, in two areas. First, you’ll help achieve our not-for-profit fundraising goals. Second, you’ll help us build and develop relationships with key external stakeholders such as corporate partners, NGOs, and government agencies. This role includes, but is not limited to, the following:

- Support building the pipeline of donors and funding partners; take introductory calls as appropriate

- CRM and network management 

- Scheduling meetings for Director of Business Development, and supporting with meeting follow-up material

- Support collateral creation, as part of a new and developing sales process

- Corporate partnerships (as part of financing)

- Pipeline development, relationship management

- Research relevant grants on an ongoing basis

- From philanthropic organizations and relevant governmental bodies (in collaboration with our external government grant-writing agency) 

- Help to define and iterate on grant-seeking parameters 

- Support initial outreach to grant-making bodies for details and information

- Support in the grant-writing process

- Policy support  

- Help to manage relationships with stakeholders and collaborators in the policy space

- Stay up-to-date with new or relevant opportunities for Project Vesta within the policy landscape

- NGO support 

- Mapping relationships, helping to manage connections and set up meetings with collaborators in the NGO space. 


- Experience working in the climate, carbon removal, or environmental fields

- Experience raising nonprofit donations and large gifts 

- Experience pitching and communicating scientific or climate-related concepts to audiences with varied scientific skill levels 

- Experience grant writing 

- Exceptional written and verbal communication skills 

- Experience developing sales materials 

- Experience developing top-of-funnel pipeline for sales and / or philanthropic gifts



Employment Terms

This position is remote and applicants from anywhere are encouraged to apply. The team operates in the Pacific Time Zone,  and meetings will occur in the United States ET-PT working-day timeframes. 

Note: The Director of Business Development is based in the California Bay Area, and may request in-person working days if the candidate is based locally. 

If interested, please send a cover letter, your resume, CV, and a letter of recommendation to

Application period ends December 17th, 2021.

About Us

Project Vesta's our mission is to help reverse climate change by harnessing the power of the ocean and removing excess carbon from earth's atmosphere. We know that reducing carbon dioxide emissions alone will not be enough to solve the climate crisis: we need to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When rain falls on volcanic rocks and washes them into the ocean, this weathering causes a reaction which removes CO2 from the atmosphere. Project Vesta is investigating the feasibility of Coastal Carbon Capture – an approach where weathering rates are accelerated using high energy coastal environments – for large scale carbon dioxide removal.


Project Vesta was born out of a climate change think-tank called Climitigation. This group investigated as many carbon capture solutions as possible, searching for one with massive potential but limited progress.

Climitigation found that coastal enhanced weathering was a process with enormous potential for cheap, permanent carbon capture at massive scale. Further, they found that the technology was stuck in the lab, despite real-life beach pilots being the clear next step. No one was bringing together the combination of multidisciplinary science, government support, funding, and sheer force of will that would help this technology ‘cross the chasm’ between theory and maturity. Project Vesta was founded to do exactly this.

Our Ethos


We consider the entire life-cycle of the impacts of this nature-based solution. We aim to capture 20 times the CO2 we emit. We measure the ecological effects of our entire process from quarries to coastlines, and wherever possible seek to have a regenerative effect on the ecosystems and communities we touch.


We are fundamentally committed to scientific rigor. We believe that the path to global scale is paved with robust science, transparency, and the credibility that comes from these.


This immense challenge requires extensive collaboration. We work with the global scientific community to publish peer reviewed research. We partner with governments, NGOs, academic institutions, and the private sector to advance the field with the ultimate goals of safe global deployment.


Scale is paramount. Our goal is to remove tens of gigatons of carbon dioxide per year. We believe that to be seriously impactful, CO2 removal solutions must be able to achieve gigaton+ scale by 2030.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We celebrate diversity and demand equal opportunity employment. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills- because reversing climate change is going to require a diverse and unprecedented workforce. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be.